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Top 10 Signs You May Have Middle School Mom Stress

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  In that light, I’ve been reading some articles lately about “Middle School Mom Stress.”  I can imagine that middle school can be a dark time for lots of parents.   We’re kind of not looking forward to it.


One of the reasons we chose this year for our Family Gap Year to South America was because our kids are just at the right age – old enough to appreciate it, but still just a bit young for all the middle school drama…. (only just a bit!).  We want to have an awesome year before their hormones start raging.


So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, and in honor of all the things our Moms go through, I present to you the top 10 signs you may have Middle School Mom Stress:


10.  You found out that “spontaneously combustible” also refers to a personality type.


9.  When you were young, you never treated your parents like that! (Never!)


8.  Most of your conversations are with a closed door. 


7.  You’ve run up against the limits on your unlimited mobile phone plan


6. You find out that everyone else IS IN FACT doing it too.


5.  The “Hug Monster” is no longer cool.


4.  He just asked you to drop him off down the block from school.


3. You just can’t wait to get to the office and relax.


2.  That mood ring you bought her ran out of colors.


And the #1 sign you may have Middle School Mom Stress:


1.  Your child’s favorite subject for extra curricular study is Drama.


Now What?

Now that you know you may have middle school Mom stress, the most important thing to do is to stay calm.  The last thing you need is more drama in your house!


The good news is that your child’s latest ugly mood swing probably won’t last beyond about 4pm.  If it’s already past 4pm, then here are some handy tips about how to de-stress.


If you know a middle school Mom, do something nice for her this Mother’s Day….  And, no, I was never like that to my Mom. 😉



Jojo Bobo


2 Responses
  • My daughter in middle school was totally unreasonable in the evening, when she was tired. Impossible to talk to and argumentative. But she was fine in the morning. So we learned to table things at night and reintroduce them in the morning. Problem solved (mostly).

    • JoJoBoBo
      May 10, 2017

      Oooh, I’m not looking forward to it. I guess it’s part of life though. Payback from when we were kids. -JB

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