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Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Most companies desperately need skilled employees… they just don’t often act like it.  Any corporate middle manager worth their salt can testify how much more difficult it is to hire and retain quality employees today than in the past.  And yet, companies still try to lure talent by promising things that don’t exist, such as “work-life balance.”


It’s the 21st Century, folks! Competition for jobs will always be intense, and it will certainly take some effort to find your next gig.   But these days if you quit your job, you are not likely to land out on the streets or in a bread line.  So, go ahead, take that leap.  Find out what’s in store around the next corner. You probably won’t regret it in the end.  In that light, I present:


The Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job:


1.  There’s a security camera next to the suggestion box.


2.  You find yourself shopping for hazmat suits due to the toxic work environment.


3.  Your company has standard desktop procedures for how to be creative.


4. The “Alpha Male” is an actual executive position.


5.  Executives refer to rank and file employees as “the little people”.


6.  In the latest cost-cutting measure, your company installed pay-for-use toilets.


7.  Your boss’ top priority this quarter is to assign blame.


8.  Every other Friday, you’re allowed to work only 11 hours.


9.  They Finally Took Away Your Red Stapler.


10.  Because You’re Bound To Get Fired Eventually Anyway


So that’s it folks – time to quit your job!  Remember, you’re not doing anyone any favors being loyal to a job you don’t love.  One life… live it right.



Jojo Bobo



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