Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post on my blog! But before you go off and write a brilliant post, I have a few guidelines that you should know about.  If you just follow these guidelines, I’m sure we’ll get along amazingly:


  • The post must be original content, at least 750 words.


  • The content must be well-written, unique, relevant, informative, and valuable for Corporate Monkey, CPA’s audience. This blog’s primary topics include retirement, investing, individual taxes, happiness, frugal living, careers, corporate life, side hustles, college finances, parenting, and travel with kids.  Please try to stick to those general categories. If you have a somewhat different topic, please check with me to see if it fits.


  • Guest posts will have a featured title photo that fits the style of the blog (like all posts on CorporateMonkeyCPA). I will help find an appropriate title photo if you do not already have one.


  • No spammy links please.  Include only relevant links. I don’t have a minimum number of links, but a good guest post usually includes some researched links to authoritative content.


  • No spammy content that’s clearly written just for SEO. In fact, no spam period.  Unless, I suppose, the post is about being frugal by eating more Spam – that could totally work.


  • Please write a short bio about yourself to include at the end of your post.


  • Once your post is live, please continue to contribute. Share on social media, respond to comments, etc.  Be engaged with the community.


That’s it.  If you are still interested in writing a guest post after reading those guidelines, then give me a holler over here.


Jojo Bobo