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Corporate Monkey, CPA

Optional Insurance Benefits at Work – A Bad Deal For Employees

Does your workplace offer optional insurance benefits?  I mean beyond healthcare, such as supplemental life insurance, long-term care insurance, or supplemental disability insurance.   Many companies offer these plans as optional benefits, paid out of pocket by the employee.  In case you have any doubts,


Firefighting at Work

Consultants, experts, and business gurus tell us that firefighting at work is bad time management.  And yet, it goes on.  Harvard Business Review tells us the phenomenon of fighting fires at work – moving from one crises to another,


My Parking Lot Monkey

I think many people are proud to have no free time – it’s almost a badge of honor.  The problem is, if we don’t slow down, it becomes difficult to appreciate the little things in life.  Today, I was wandering around in the parking lot on my crutches…


Sitting Is The New Smoking: How To Defeat The Sitting Monster

We all know it, but maybe we’re afraid to admit it: sitting in a desk all day isn’t healthy.  Our bodies were not made for this!  Our bodies were not meant to be idle for so many hours a day,