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Corporate Monkey, CPA

What Do We Miss? An Official Family Poll

Now that we’re one-quarter of the way through our Gap Year in South America, what do we miss?  Surely, leaving behind the safe spaces of our work, school, and neighborhood wasn’t easy, right?  This morning, I took a rather unscientific poll of approximately 100% of our participating family members in an attempt to answer this question. 


Gap Year Budget Update – 3 Months

With the end of August, our family of four is now three months into our “family gap year” in South America.  We quit our jobs, pulled the kids out of schools,


The Freest Man Alive

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What does it mean to be free?  In America, we cherish our political freedoms, and for damn good reasons.  But I’m here today to talk about a different kind of freedom – financial freedom.  Too many people are not financially free. 


Sell Your Minivan And Take A Gap Year: 5 Ways Your Kids Will Benefit From A Year Abroad

In June 2017, our family of four did exactly this.  We sold our minivan (Thank God!), rented out our house in San Diego, and headed to South America for a year.  We are now almost three months into our trip as I write this. 


Stop The Charade: Work-Life Balance Is Not Real!

OK, here’s a question: If you’re trying to achieve work-life balance, is it because you feel you have too much work, or too much “life”?  (Don’t answer that, it’s a silly question.  We already know the answer).



The University Tax: Paying For College Is A Horrible Reason To Delay Retirement

I’ve seen them in every company I’ve worked: engineers in their 50s, ready to retire by every possible measurement, but with a kid (or two) in college.  They’ve worked for decades in Silicon Valley, and they are, now, officially, old-timers. 


How To Fight An Email Scammer

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